12 June, 2007

You Have GOT to See This!!!

The British Version of American Idol is called "Britains Got Talent" and this clip is from that show. It is incredible. I literally cried as I watched it.
Tell me what you think.


Barbara said...

I was knocked off my feet! I'm not one for opera, BUT this guy has a voice! Hopefully, he will get a career he has always wanted - singing for the opera! God can work miracles for him!

Anonymous said...


Doc said...

Wow!...I mean...uh...WOW! That was just out right phenomenal and it gave me chills. That was God working and a man being blessed...but also God showing His gifts and a man showing his heart...his courage...his faith...who he is...and that man's courage and faith are rewarded...awesome...just totally awesome! Thank you for sharing this.