26 June, 2007

How Soon We Forget

September 11, 2001 is a day that will forever be etched in our minds... Or will it?
We, the American people stood as one in the days and weeks that followed that awful and tragic day. Collectively our nation cheered our President when he announced that the war against terror had begun. Men and women lined up to volunteer in the armed forces. We were determined.
But oh, how time has dulled our edge and determination. This Friday in the New York Times, a full page add will be run calling for the impeachment of President
Bush and Vice-President Cheney, charging them with war crimes for waging an illegal war and torturing people. Yep, we (as a people) sure do have a short memory. I personally believe we've bought into the Hollywood and TV versions of war and people thought it would be over and onto the next movie in a matter of hours. They forget that when it all began, President Bush, in a Nationally televised address, told us that this "war on terror" would require a commitment for the long haul, and that it would most likely run well into the next President's tenure. He implied we were looking at least a 10 year commitment. And nobody flinched. America stood as one saying it was time to stand up to these cowardly terrorists and let them know we would not run and hide from them. I wonder what happened to that America?

Watch this video and remember.

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