09 May, 2007

The Search For Something Funky!!!

See that cute, adorable little fur-ball that my sister is holding in this picture?
He's just about ready to die!
We call him Cinnamon, and he means everything to my kids, or he would already be gone. For the past 2 months the stupid dog has woke me up nearly every morning some time between 4:30 and 5:30 by barking and wanting to go outside. For some reason, his clock is just completely out of sync.
But now an even deeper issue has come up. Cinnamon has this thing he likes to do about hiding bones or pieces of meat around the house. Where most dogs would go outside and bury a bone, this idiot will take a bone or a chunk of meat and stash it behind the couch, or a chair. If there happens to be laundry sorted out on the floor waiting to be washed, he will "bury" his treasure in the clothes. (That one really gets me hot under the collar.) But this week he has really out-done himself. He apparently has stashed something somewhere and forgotten it, and it stinks to the high heavens. When we came home last evening, Ashley smelled it and said something. At first I could not smell it, but occasionally, I would catch a whiff of it. I looked everywhere, but I cannot find it. Today it is worse. My head has been congested all week, so my sniffer is not working all that well, and I cannot track down where this smell is coming from, so it is going to have to wait until the kids come home from school and let them sniff it out. If you know Daniel, this will just kill him! He gets grossed out so easily. I wonder sometimes how he is ever going to become a doctor!
Meanwhile.... the stupid fur-ball knows he is in trouble. He is avoiding me at all costs. I've tried to get him to find it for me... but all he does is roll over on his back and play dead when I try to get him to sniff it out. If this keeps going, he may not be playing!!!


Sylvia said...

That is so funny.

Anonymous said...

Darrell, you leave the beautiful fur ball alone!!!! He's getting up in age now; and probably experiencing some senile dementia. I'm sure he would love to remember where he hid.........whatever it was!

BV said...

If you had a real pet and not a fluffy oversized rat, this would have never happened!

Neil said...

Wait until September and I'll take care of everything for you. Don't let your kids read this though, I may have to stay at the Comfort Inn!

Barbara said...

Want to give him away? :) If he barks and will get rid of squirrels, we need him!

The 6 Karns' said...

Any luck on finding the "funking smell"? Our dog, Shaley, has been into finding small animals in the back yard...ummm, I don't think they wanted to be found...UGH!