11 May, 2007

Rod, would you get a clue?

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was handed a major defeat yesterday, only he is so clueless that he fails to recognize it as a defeat. He has running around touting his "gross-receipts tax" plan for several months now, and while the vast majority of the state is shouting "NO" at him, he just continues to sing the same chorus and verse, all the while flashing that big toothy grin at people, hoping he will wow someone over to his side. I don't have time to go into the whole plan he is proposing right now, but just Google it and you can get the low-down if you are unfamiliar with the plan. In layman's terms, it is an invitation for businesses around the State to close up shop and hop the nearest boarder. That about sums it up.

Yesterday, there was a vote in the Illinois House concerning the resolution for this tax to be imposed. Sensing that a devastating defeat was about to take place, just hours before the vote was to be taken, Blagojevich makes a statement asking all Democrat's to vote against the plan, saying that this plan is too important to rush to judgement on, and vowing to continue the debate and bring it up again.
I don't think there are many, if any, who are buying his ploy. When the vote was cast, the tally was 107-0 with 7 voting "present."
Well, Blagojevich declares this a victory.... but is it?

Dan Black, R-Danville said "The people in this chamber, Democrats and Republicans, know there is no support for the gross-receipts tax. There's just no support, and there hasn't been any support since the day he announced it."
OK, that's the Republican side, and Blagojevich is a Democrat, so... what are they saying?
Prior to the vote, Michael Madigan, D- Chicago said, "The gross-receipts tax is a regressive tax. This is a pass-through to the ... consumer. Many times, these people are the least able to take on additional costs."

After the vote, Rep. Marlow Colvin, D-Chicago who voted "present" said, "The governor, those folks aren't stupid. They knew this was going to fail miserably. Rather than facing that embarrassing defeat, I think they spun it to say this is an ongoing debate and discussion."

This is the man's own party saying this!!!

I was stunned when this guy was elected to office the first time. I was bewildered when he was re-elected last year after the shambles he has made of this state. It seems apparent that Rod is going to stay eternally clueless... but I have got to wonder, are the people of Illinois also going to remain clueless? There has got to be some changes in this state, and soon. Remember that little guy with the big ears and squeaky voice? No, not Mickey Mouse... I'm talking about Ross Parot. He warned us over a decade ago not let the NAFTA get signed. He said we would hear a great sucking sound from the south as Mexico would suck all of the businesses out of the US.
Well... the little fella was right. Illinois has been hit hard. Galesburg, where I live has been hit very hard. Now if Blagojovich happens to get his way, another vacuum will hit this state as business after business, and major corporations close up shop and head for at least the State line, if not the Mexican border.

Hey Gov..... wake up and get a clue!

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The 6 Karns' said...

I agree 100%... and to the voters of Illinois, all I can say is, Unfortuantely, we get what we ask for! If more would educate themselves BEFORE they vote, maybe we can get out of this mess in the future....