03 February, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?????

OK... I've had about all of this that I can take!
For those of you who are not living in the mid-west, you have not got a clue...
It's stinkin' COLD around here!

Those who know me know by now that I am an absolute wimp when it comes to cold... but this is just plain ridiculous, I don't care who you are!
For you Florida, Georgia and Carolina folks... Let me clue you in.

Today, our HIGH has been 5 and that was reached at 6:00 this morning!
Since then, we have hovered at about 2 with wind chills of 11 below zero. (That's -23.88 for you folks reading in Germany.)
Tonight, the temp is supposed to hit -8 degrees... and that is not counting the wind chill factor!

It is like someone has put our region of the United States into the deep freeze. Let me put this in perspective for you. We had an ice storm hit us on January 14th. That ice is STILL on the parking lot of our church! It has not warmed up enough to melt it since then. The rain gutters on our church building are beginning to bend and pull away from the building because not only are they full of ice, but there is somewhere between 6-8 inches of ice standing on top of them!

You know it is bad when you get excited because they are calling for temperatures to hit 22 degrees this next week! That still won't melt this stuff, but it will feel like a heat wave after all this!

The thing that REALLY scares me is the utility bills that we will be receiving in a few weeks. Ameren just jacked our electric rates by 50%, and now we have the coldest streak we have had in a long time. This could really be a tremendous burden on a lot of folks!

I'm praying that the rodent was right yesterday and that we will have an early Spring. Lord knows we need it!


Libby said...

Yep! Global warming is HERE folks! It's -8!

michigan preacher said...

Hey, Darrell, I am thinking of you all up north. Especially since I took a dip in the hot tub today! I think it hit 75.

Snow? Cold? What's that? How soon I have forgotten!

Actually, I'll be going back to Michigan for a few days in March, but I am hoping that it is more springlike then.

God bless!