12 October, 2006

Presidential Perks

I got tickled at the headline on Fox News that went with this picture. It was not "Bono Meets President Bush" but rather, "Bush Meets Bono", like Bono was doing Bush a great favor to meet with him.

Actually, Bono is one man I would really like to meet and spend an evening with and pick his brain. Of course, if he wanted to bring the band... that would be even better!


David Reish said...

U2 is a great band, no question. But here's my thing, I don't know where Bono is half the time in relation to his stands and beliefs. I'm not speaking solely on spiritual issues either, but rather his political views and opinions. Bono rubs elbows with the right and the left A LOT and I have yet to figure out who or what he actually stands for? Oh, did I mention that U2 is a great band?

Darrell said...

Exactly why I'd like to the op to pick his brain. The guy is all over the map, or so it seems, and I'd like to ask him some direct and pointed questions. Truthfully, I'd really rather him bring the boys and play a set or two.

michigan preacher said...

I'm am listening to Bono on Fox News website right now. He's on with Bobby Shriver, talking about money that goes to AIDS funding from products from certain companies, like the Gap and Apple. But, is it just me, or does he have hardly any Irish accent? Has he been in America so long he got an Americanized Irish accent?