10 October, 2006

I Love The Fall Season

I love the fall season. I love the cool mornings. I love to sit out on the porch with a good cup of coffee on a brisk fall morning and enjoy the quiet and the smells that accompany fall. I love to go for a walk at dusk this time of year. I love the colors that are bursting forth everywhere. I love listening to the sound of the squirrels running around in the leaves. There is something about fall that causes me to get very melancholy and nostalgic. It’s funny, because most people talk about romance in the spring time, but for me, romance has always bloomed in the fall. (Maybe this explains my children being born in June and July?) OK… too much information!

I really can’t explain all my reasons why, but I just love the fall. This is particularly odd, since I despise what comes at the end of fall.

(Oh, How I loath winter!)

I have always said winter would not be so bad if it weren’t for the cold. I wonder why God could not give us snow in warm weather? I mean, that’s how I would have done it!

For all my love for the fall season, there is one thing I cannot stand…

I HATE raking the stinkin' leaves!!!

For those who have never seen our house, it is surrounded by 6 or 7 HUGE trees that shade the house during the summer. Each fall it is an endless battle with the leaves. Our city has an ordinance against burning leaves, so we have to bag them up and put them on the curb. Last year I quit counting bags at 57. It was a nightly chore for the kids and myself and we just could not keep up. In fact, the first snow came and buried my mountain of leaves and I never got finished bagging them up until the spring thaw. That pile of leaves left a big circle, about 12 feet in diameter in my back yard with no grass. I never could get anything going there this year. I’m going to try seeding it later this fall. Part of the problem is that the back yard is so shaded that there is not enough sun to help things grow there.

Anyway, this year I am trying to keep up with the leaves. I spent over 6 hours today raking, mulching and bagging leaves and then cutting the grass. My yard looks nice this evening, but I know good and well that within a day or so, it will be covered with an orange, red and brown blanket and the process will start over. I’ve threatened to just take my leaf blower and launch them all into my neighbor’s yard… but Libby keeps telling me that’s not Christ like. I think to myself, “I’ll bet Jesus would laugh too if I did it.” But I’ll be nice and try to be a good neighbor, even though I really do not like that man!


Amy said...

I heard it was supposed to snow??!! eek tooooo early ,its only october for goodness sakes!!

Darrell said...

You might recall that we had a pretty good snow last year in October when we were in revival with John Bezares. It would be fine with me if we didn't have any snow at all this year.

Amy said...

hmm i dont remember that !! LOL then of corse my long term memory stinks!!! hee hee , i like the snow but I can definatly wait till December!!!

Neil said...

What's Fall?

Snow?????? Doesn't that come in March at your house?