24 August, 2006

Dad's Taxi Service

It's that time of year again... the start of the school year. Now, don't take me wrong when I say this, but I so look forward to when the kids and Libby return to school each fall.
See... I knew you would take it wrong!
Really, I love when school ends, and I have more time with Libby and the kids... but by the end of summer, I am ready for them to go back.
You see, they just cannot seem to understand that while THEY get summers off, I on the other hand do not. It is especially hard with my being a pastor, because I don't have a time clock to punch, or a neatly scheduled period in which I work each week, so my family has
a hard time understanding why I have things to do, places to go, etc.
If I am at home working on the computer, then it appears I am doing nothing, so I can play or paint or one of those dozens of things that Libby has for me to do. If I start out the door, I have to explain to everyone where I am going, which quite often I have to tell them that it is none of their business, as I am headed for a confidential meeting.
Again, I love them dearly, and I love having more time each summer, but by summer's end, I am READY for them to go back to school so that my life can return to normal.
Well... sort of any way.
You see, with the beginning of the school year, it also means Dad's Taxi Service also re-opens.
I absolutely hate the first few weeks of school, because it seem's I spend more time running back and forth to the school than anything else! It was supposed to be easier this year, because Daniel turned 16 and was supposed to get his license. The problem is, he just doesn't seem to want that license too bad. He turned 16 seven weeks ago, and he still doesn't have his license. Why? Because he will not clean up his room. How many 16 year olds do you know that would rather not have his/her driver's license than clean their room? He says he is trying, but he has literally been months cleaning it. I even bought him a car, and it is sitting in our driveway, but he would much rather sit and watch television or play a game. I don't get it.
Part of me wants to cave in and let him get it, because it would make life so much easier on me... but Libby and I are going to win this battle. At this rate, he may be going off to college without a driver's license!

Until then, Dad's Taxi Service is open for business.

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