21 March, 2006

What To Say Lord?

There is a song that we sing at church that the first line says, "What to say Lord..."
That is kind of where I am right now. I am walking in a place with the Lord that is far different than anything that I have ever experienced before. I find myself at a loss for words. I have tried to post on another internet site that I frequent as well as on this blog, and I just can't seem to find the words to express where I am right now. For several days now I have walked around feeling like I am higher than a kite on some new drug, only it is not a drug... it's the presence of God. I am seeing things and people differently... only it is not them that is different, it is me.
I was in the nursing home to see a woman today that I dearly love, and who most likely will leave this life in the next few days. This woman gave her life preaching the Gospel, and when I first walked in today and I saw her broken body, I literally cringed. But then as I leaned over to kiss her on the forehead and I took her by the hand, I felt this over-whelming flood of the presence of God fill that room, and as I began to pray for her, she began to respond and to pray with me. I am telling you, for a brief few minutes, heaven and earth connected in that room today. I don't think I have ever felt before what I felt today in that room. It was as if we were in the very presence of the King. I leaned over and kissed her on the head again and I told her that she could not stay there today, but very soon there was going to be a reunion there between her and her precious husband who went on to heaven almost a year ago. She began to smile and said, "Yes, yes, yes, I am ready to go! I can't wait to see Clarence, but most of all I want to see Jesus."

Soon, my dear friend. Soon.
I will miss you so much, but when that day comes, I am going to sing and rejoice that you have made it home to your reward!


Amy said...

I also will miss bessie, but i Will also be joyful knowing shes with Jesus and her sweet husband clarence!!

The 6 Karns' said...

I know exactly how you feel! Shawn & I just talked about this last night... He said - it's hard for him to even be at work, cuz all he wants to do is get back to the overwhelming presence of God! I know we don't have to wait for church - but there really is something about corporate worship that is AWEsome.
Sis. Bessie has lived a good life. I have no doubt the Lord will say, "well done, My good & faithful servant". She will be missed greatly. We need folks to stand in her place, for we will lose a mighty warrior for God!

Anonymous said...


I think I understand what your saying about the presence of God. I beleive God is showing me His presence is in His children. And when I mean His children I mean all of them. Several things have happened in the last few days that has led me to believe this. I know God is in our corporate worship, but I have been experiencing it deeper on my own, the last few days. Yesterday morning driving to work I had an awesome time in the presence of God(during a blizzard!) When I got to work discovered our snow removal guys had not come. I felt God tell me to get a snow shovel and salt and do the job. So I did it and I felt even closer to Him because I loved the people, His people I was shoveling for. Later that night we had the revival I was waiting all day for. And it was good but I did not feel as close to God as before. After the service there was a brother from our church in need so I was able to help him out. My two oldest children were both in the car asking questions after what it mean't to "help a brother out?" I quoted the scripture "As you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me" My oldest point blank said "Dad God is happy with you" When I asked what he meant he said "you did what God told you to do"... So this morning I'm praying, "God yesterday I woke up with a song today I got nothing where are you are wanting me to find you?" When I got on the interstate there was a hitchhiker. Being the over cautious conservative person I am I passed him by. But I remembered the scripture I quoted to my son and daughter and I had to stop. So I backed up (a little) and picked this brother up. As I talked to him on my drive to work I felt the presence of God and I was able to share Christ and the relationship God wants with this guy. He told me "a year ago I would have told you to go have a beer your nuts! But things have been happening in my life and I know you are right." I (Shawn) felt the presence of God so strong. I think I finally get it. Where I find God is in His children whether it is who I work with or who I see. I will have an encounter with GOD when I help or am kind to someone because we are all His children, some of us just don't know it yet.


Amy said...

Praise God shawn!!! I know what your saying, Last night I got a call from the lady a babysit for she told me she didnt need me anymore at this time , i thought great there goes 80 dollars a month but then i thought o well there is a reason , today put on some praise and worship music and just sang , prayed read his word before i knew it its 3 hours later from when i started!!! i would have never gotten a chance to do this today if i had to babysit , Im using this time to get realy close to him , i need this time !!! hes prepareing me for something , i feel it in my spirit!!! .

Deborha said...

Bessie's prayers will be continually before our Lord. She is a pillar. Her strength in the Lord has touched my life in many ways. She will be missed.
I know how you all are feeling about wanting to be in God's presence! There is something about coming together in the unity of purpose, to worship our Most High God! There are those who have learned to passionately embrace worshiping Him, to surrender completely to praising and worshiping HIM, because of WHO He is not what we can receive from HIM. I witnessed this at last Monday nights meeting. God's presence was so awesome in that place! Nothing satisfies like His presence.
Please allow me to express what God revealed to me last Monday night during worship:
Pastor Garrett, I hope I am not overstepping here...?
I stand corrected if so.
God is looking for a people who are not afraid to boldly declare his message through worship. He is looking for a "demonstration generation" to boldly demonstrate the heart of God, the message of God and the power of God to the world. He told me that "Harvest Church is a people of destiny"...
"here is a people that is not ashamed of who they are in Me and of the power that I have freely given them." He then gave me I Corinthians 2:1-5 with emphasis on ..."but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power...". Arise and worship your King! Continue to passionately pursue Him with your whole hearts, giving glory, honor and praise to HIM! My prayer is that through your worship you will receive boldness and courage to enter every battle, expecting victory on every hand. That you will stir yourselves to powerful times of prayer, intercession and worship. Freely demonstrate and express you love to HIM publicly declaring His Lorship over your lives. Cotinue to worship Him as you are...because He is worthy, praise Him because He is powerful, and exalt Him because He is excellent!

In, through and to HIM!
Deborha Johnson

Darrell said...

No Deb, you are not overstepping at all, and I receive what you have said as from the Lord. God has been stirring something within the people of our church and I believe we have entered into a new demension where there is going to be not only a new freedom in expression of worship, but also wave after wave of his glory bringing miracles, signs and wonders in our midst.