22 March, 2006

Does God Ever Annoy You? (part 3)

Man, sometimes God annoys me to the place where it goes beyond annoying me... I'm down right ticked off!
Today I had one of those situations. I received a phone call from someone in town, and they began asking me some questions and actually was accusing me of some things that was getting under my skin. I tried to remain calm but my voice obviously revealed my emotions, and this person told me straight out who had said the things that I was being acccused of and went into a rather graphic description of this person "having a hissy" in a public place and verbally ripping me as well as my church to shreds in front of a group of about 12 people in a public place. My blood was beginning to boil and I started to say exactly what I was feeling inside and my tongue was ready to become a lightning fast saber as I was preparing to cut this person to pieces. Suddenly, I felt a tug at my heart... God was telling me I could not go there. He reminded me that I must forgive if I wanted his forgiveness. As graciously as I could, I got myself out of that conversation and off the phone, but man, did I want to call this person and give them a chewing out. But noooo.... God wasn't going to let me go there either.
I told him, "Lord, you are not fair. I'd be justified in calling her and telling her a few things. I have the right. I have been falsely acccused!"
God was not budging.
I told him, "You are really annoying me again Lord... but I got your point."
I didn't like it... and I still don't, but the fact is God says that if I want forgiveness, I must forgive.
I'm trying Lord... but I STILL don't like it!


Sarah said...

Ouch that does sting. I am in a small group prayer meeting. Each week we have to discuss how we failed to show Christ's love. For the first few weeks my shortcomings were always anger and a short temper. I started getting irritated that before I did something rash I knew that I would be held accountable and couldn't continue to show up week after week with the same problem. Argh!

That is another reason I had to apologize to that pizza guy .

Sarah said...

Talk about being angry. I hate when I enter a broken link!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Amen Pastor..
He (God) reminds me constantly that people are watching my "walk" and listening to my "talk". It's hard but...God in me is victorious!
And the God in you is too!

The 6 Karns' said...

I don't care what anyone says - I'm glad you're our Pastor - and I believe in your vision for this church & for our community! You have faithful supporters in the Karns'

Amy said...

Amber I second that!!!