30 March, 2006

I'm Trying to Be Good, but...

I have really trying to do better with my eating habits and controlling my weight. (I'm now down 18 pounds since the first of the year!!!)
However, it is not always easy. Last week I really got a craving for brownies and ice cream. I lost that battle big time! Then Tuesday night I went to a revival over in Pekin and after church the pastor and the evangelist asked me to come over to the house for a few minutes. I told them I could, but I did not want to eat. Mrs. Pastor proceeds to put a pumpkin pie and a coconut cream pie out in front of me. (My number one and number 2 fav's!) Of course I had to have some. I did only eat one piece, but that is not a good thing at 9:30 at night.

But the purpose of this post is about my lunch today. I'm sitting in my office studying for Sunday, and the belly is growling, and I'm thinking, burger, fries, shake... you know, the good stuff. But I stopped and thought it over and reasoned that I have really blown it in the past week, so I will behave myself, and I go to The Hungry Hobo and order a baked potato with chili, cheese and onions. I'm thinking to myself, I will get something resembling the potato in the picture above. I ordered it to go, went back to the office and when I opened up this box I about died! Now far be it from me to complain when a restaurant gives you a large portion of food, but this was just silly. They gave me a box that is like 4" x 8" and it was absolutely full. There was this potato, that has been cut open and smashed flat, completely hidden by all the chili and cheese. I know it had to have more than a cup full of cheese in it!
Of course... I had to eat it all. My momma taught me to not waste food because there are starving children in China, and we can't throw away good food. But man... I am miserable now. And I just know that all that cheese is setting up camp in my arteries right now!

Oh Lord, help me get this train going back in the right direction!


Sarah said...

I am currently totally and utterly addicted Lays Kettle Cooked JalapeƱo chips. I'm eating like 2 to 3 bags a day from the vending machine. They're killing me! They lady came and filled a row of them yesterday and they are already gone and it's driving me mad. And, no I didn't eat all of them.

Amy said...

ROTFLOL, NA NA i bahaved myself today had a little bowl of high fiber cerel and for lunch i had a salad , but man do those potatos look GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!

The 6 Karns' said...

Ummm, did you NOT see the Baked Potatoe w/ Broc/Caul & CHEESE they gave me the other night when Neil was here? IT WAS HUGE! Libby & Ashley had to finish it for me!

I know how you feel, tho. I'll do great for a couple weeks, then blow it a couple days - takes a few to get back on track - then there I go again!@!

Sean McKee said...

Slimfast Optima's are real good at curbing those hunger pangs. I have dropped 10 lbs in the last few weeks with them.

What really made me decide to 'just deal with it' (hunger pangs) is I was just starving one morning and it hit me that this is what some 'starving kids in China, or Africa or wherever' feel every day, all day.

Also, if I can't say no to my belly then how can I say no to something really important. For me, this weight thing is a spiritual battle.

I don't know if that helps but that's how I am dealing with it and those unused notches on my belt now are just a bonus to boot.


Sean McKee said...

BTW. those potatoes from Hobo are great. Mushroom and cheese...

"Mmmm... Sixty-four Slices of American Cheese" -- Homer Simpson

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Pastor? Chili and onions?
Are you competing with the flactuating pastor? I hope everything works out for you by Sunday AM.
(the message I mean! )
congrats on the weight loss!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

oops..spelled that wrong!
flatulenting ...sorry!