21 February, 2006

This Is Worth Revisiting

Some of us from church had lunch together on Sunday and we were discussing the blogs and somehow we got to discussing the post from several months back about the pastor who received the phone call from a visitor to his church complaining about the woman who moved her butt too much during the singing. Since that time there are many new readers of The Dawghowse and I wanted to share this with you, but for all you who have been with me since the beginning, it won't hurt you to laugh again... and you know you will!

Make sure you listen to the actual phone call before you listen to the dance re-mix.
This is a classic!


Libby said...

People keep telling me they think the call was about me! I don't get it *****groin muscle pulled 2 weeks in a row, needing a muscle relaxer after worship week before last*****

Sean McKee said...


Now don't be judging people, just make sure YOU'RE NOT 'move'n it' to much!

The 6 Karns' said...

Funny...people ask ME if the call was about you too :)

Neil said...

That is too funny! Good thing I sit in the front of the people...don't think I could stand it! I leave for service in a few minutes, better watch myself!

Anonymous said...

BACK AND FORTH AND SIDE TO SIDE!! Wait till I tell Crissy about THAT!! Thats TOOOOO funny. She just might break it down for em...LOL

Ain't it fun to laugh?!?

God bless the butt shaker!

Michelle THCOG