21 February, 2006

Hints For Husbands

Every now and then I post something from a daily devotional book that I like to use. This is one of them. This is taken from "The Word For You Today" Daily Devotional from Bob Gass Ministries. I highly recommend this devotional to you. If you would like to try it, you can order your first one free at http://bobgass.com/devo/default.aspx
If you like it the devotional (which I am sure you will) a two year subscription is regularly $35 but can be bought for just $28 right now.

Here is the devotion that I wanted to share today:

A child in Sunday school defined marriage as "holy acrimony." (Note: Acrimony =Bitter, sharp animosity, especially as exhibited in speech or behavior.)
Seriously, Dr. Gary Chapman says: "Before I got married I dreamed how happy I was going to be. Six months after, I was...miserable and so was my wife. I'd entered marriage with the attitude that I know how to have a good marriage. Listen to me and we'll have one. There was just one problem: she wouldn't listen! In desperation I asked God to help me, and I learned these lessons:
(1) Your wife is your partner not some trophy to be placed on display. She isn't meant to be dominated and used to satisfy your needs and goals; she's your co-worker in accomplishing God's plan for you both. And you are to treat her as such!
(2) Communicate with her. Your wife's deepest need is to really know you. When you talk about your thoughts, feelings and desires you're allowing her into your life. When you go for long periods without communicating, you're cutting her out and it makes her feel isolated, unneeded and unloved.
(3) Make her your top priority after God. Most men draw their self-worth from work: things like pay scale, position and productivity. These shouldn't necessarily conflict with your relationship, unless your job takes over your life. Don't let that happen. Sir, if your family has to choose between having more "stuff," or having more of you, they'll choose you. The trouble is, you may not be sensitive to their needs or to giving them that choice."


michigan preacher said...

Great stuff, thanks for sharing this, Darrell. It's always good to be reminded of what my wife really needs.

Sean McKee said...

so true!

Libby said...

That is a man of great wisdom!

The 6 Karns' said...

Amen! When Shawn & I first got married, he had an opportunity to work for Ipsco (the Steel mill close to Muscatine) and he would have been making pretty high $$ - but he would have had to work most holidays, plus be on call. We didn't have kids yet, and the temptation was there - but we both felt that the sacrifice would have been too great once the kids came in the picture. He wouldn't have gotten to share all the WONDERFUL Holidays with us!