23 November, 2005

Help, I've Been Cloned!

Is it real
or is it Memorex?

I was looking at the picture of my son on the right, and thought, "This boy looks familiar." So I got into a photo album and pulled my picuture when I was a senior in high school. I saw some others of me in that album too, that if you take away the long hair, bam... there's Daniel.
Sorry son, but look at me and you see where you will be in 30 years! (Maybe that will help him decide to take better care of himself than the old man did?)


Janet said...

Yes he will turn out to be just like his Dad and that is a very good thing.

michigan preacher said...

Hey Darrell, I think I've seen that suit on the Brady Bunch! What's funny is that when I was in the world, we dressed up like that to go to bars for 70's nite. Seriously, your boy looks just like you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

wow pastor, he does look like you . Happy thanksgiving to you and your family,God bless!!!