19 October, 2005

"Why Do I Need God Anyway?"

This question was asked of me today, and I wanted to bring it on here to see if we could get some of your responses. Without boring you with great detail, let me give you a quick overview of the situation. This conversation was with a young lady in her teens. She initiated the conversation because she recognized me as I was putting out fliers for our revival. Once she verified who I was, she said, "I have a friend who is gay. Your God will not accept her because of the way she is, so I guess he will not accept me either because of the way I am. All he does is make demands on people anyway, so why do I need God? Everyone else makes enough demands on me and I don't need that (blankety-blank-blank) crap in my life. No thanks." With that she turned and began to walk away. I said, "Hey, don't I get a chance to respond to that accusation?" She turned around, she said, "Next time preacher! Next time it is your turn." With that there was a smile, a nod of her head and she spun around, briskly walking away. I yelled back at her, "And when might that be?" to which she laughingly replied, "Next time preach!"

The funny thing about this is, there was something in her voice that said to me that she wants me to give her a reasonable answer and to show her that she does need God. I can't explain it, but I just know it, and I also know there will be a next time.

I will come back later and talk about what I will say when "next time" comes around, but I thought this might be a great topic to put on here and hope that you good folks would be so kind as to give me and idea of how you would handle this.

Till next time...


Libby said...

I know I don't have to tell you this, but God accepts both of them. One sin is no greater than another as far as keeping one separated from God. God isn't the one she feels betrayed by.

Sadly, we are. We as Christians have ignored Christ's example to love the sinner. We assumed not loving the sin included the one doing it.

She already knows there is something different about you by the way you responded. I will pray for her as well as you that God would give you the wisdom of the right words when the time comes.

michigan preacher said...

Libby is right on. In my blog yesterday, I spoke of showing our faith in Christ by what we do. Faith without works is dead. But just as we can show who Christ is by reaching out and caring for someone like the girl that spoke with you, so we can give a bad impression as well. If this girl has known Christians to be judgemental, harsh and unexcepting, I can see where she would project that image on God, because of us frail folk that represent Him, and on the rest of us christians, as well. I think the way to reach both her and her friend is to simply love them, listen to them and show them Jesus, not just tell them. God knows how to clean them up, and He will do that. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

..wow...this girl sounds a lot like I used to be.