18 October, 2005

Harvest Church News

I have created another blog for news and updates from Harvest Church.
Everyone is welcome to check it out, but this is especially for my peeps at Harvest.
I hope you all will take advantage of this and help me spread the word about it.
This will enable us to keep people better informed as well as get prayer needs out to people very quickly.

If you have an item or information that you'd like posted, call Pastor Garrett at 343-8288 or email him at harvestmail@lycos.com and we will get it on the site just as quickly as possible.

The link is on the right side of your screen.
Click on Harvest Church News.

1 comment:

Libby said...

I noticed the link yesterday or the day before and clicked on it. I like it. Especially since I'm on the platform during the announcements "show" so I often miss them!