27 October, 2005

Laws Of The Harvest

We did a study in my church this past year on the Laws of the Harvest. This study was based on a study called “The Laws of the Harvest” which was written by Mike Chapman, pastor of City Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I felt like it would be good to bring an over-view of this study back to refresh our the minds of those of you who were in the study, as well as to share it with those of you who check in on the Dawg Howse.

The Laws of the Harvest:

1. The Law of Perception:  We will never reap a harvest we do not see.

2. The Law of Planning: In order to reach our harvest, we must fully understand it and plan strategically for it.

3. The Law of Prayer: Prayer is essential to reaping the harvest because we are dealing with spiritual realities.

4. The Law of People: Jesus said that one of the things that was limiting the harvest was a lack of workers.

5. The Law of Planting and Reaping: This law simply means that there is no harvest without the work of planting seed. There comes a point in all of study about the harvest when we must leave the classroom and go into the fields.

6. The Law of Partnership: No single church can accomplish this task alone.

7. The Law of Pain: The harvest is the ripest where the pain is the greatest.

8. The Law of Passion: Reaping the harvest is not just a matter of the head. It is also a matter of the heart. We will do none of the things we have discussed until we feel it deeply.


Amy said...

thank you for posting this pastor, I pray that God will put those laws deep within me , for him to work and speak through me to reap the harvest for his kingdom!!!!


Sarah said...

[QUOTE]We will do none of the things we have discussed until we feel it deeply.[/QUOTE]

What if one does not feel it deeply? How do you install passion to one who is void of feeling?

Libby said...

Good question, Sarah. You first must have a relationship with Christ. Then ask Christ to open your eyes and heart and allow you to see the harvest. Ask Him to give you a burden for the lost and wisdom as to what your roll should be as a laborer in the Harvest.

Henry Haney said...

I enjoyed this teaching and I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Dr. Chapman on several occasions-he is a class guy!

We need more like him in our organization in my humble opinion.

Thanks for posting this Bishop Garrett.

Darrell said...

I have been away all day, and just have a minute to address your question. Actually, I am going to "punt" so to speak. I know exactly what you are saying from where you are right now, and I want to discuss that with you privately rather than here in a public forum. But your situation is different and not at all what I mean when I say that you must feel it deeply. Rather, I am talking about having a real heart, or burden for the lost. When it is becomes a burning desire within you. Under normal circumstances, you would be there. But right now you have an unusual set of circumstances that is requiring your attention, and rightfully so.

Sarah said...

I was just throwing it out there. This thought crossed my mind. Some people can play the piano and some people have a passion for it and feel it deeply. Both will play the right notes but will have obvious different results. So my thought was, how can you or can you transform someone to have passion if they just don't feel it. And you are right I don't feel that right now and that might be where this is coming from.

Darrell said...

I misunderstood you Sarah. I assumed you were talking from your situation, but you were talking in more general terms. I apologize for that.
I see what you are saying, and yes, you can "teach someone" how to develop that passion. It may never be the same as another persons though. Just as the example you gave of the piano player. I will try to address this more tomorrow, but for now I have to get some sleep. I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep last night and have had an extremely draining day.