27 October, 2005

It Is Harvest Time

Do You See The Real Harvest

We talk so often about "the harvest" and but do we really see it?
In the everyday affairs of our life, most us us are so busy running to work, getting the kids where they need to go, off to the store and so many other places that we really don't see the people around us. Every day I rush off in the morning trying to get through traffic to get my kids to school without them being late, and I pass the same kids walking down the street. One of the kids might make a comment like, "if they don't hurry, they will be late today!" I see the little old lady walking her dog down the street each morning, and I know that "the gang" of folks will be sitting out at the table outside the doughnut shop drinking their coffee while they solve all the problems of the world.
I know that if I walk into McDonald's this morning there will be three elderly men sitting at the same table where they always sit, talking the morning away, rehashing their years at Maytag.
If I go downtown tonight and sit down at the coffee house, it won't be long until an entire cast of teenagers congregate. Many of us would call a lot of them freaks because of their painted black finger nails, eye makeup, jet black hair and their studded collars. In the same area you will find various groups of kids from all walks of life... all just "hanging out" with their friends.

In the library there is another group of kids hanging around the computers. If you talk with them, they will tell you that they are there to get away from their parents for awhile. Oh, we can criticize the kids for "hanging out" and wasting their time, while all the while, literally hundreds fill the taverns all night, every night... doing what? Hanging out... just wanting to be around other people. They are lonely, looking for a friend or someone to notice them... and care.

People. They are all around us, all day, everyday... but do we really notice?

This is who Jesus was talking about.

If a farmer waits too long, he will miss the harvest. He must move when the time is right and the harvest is ripe, or it will die in the fields.
I wonder some times what we, the Body of Christ, are waiting for.
Is it that we think someone else will bring in the harvest?
Is it that we REALLY don't have time, or is it that we put everything else above the harvest?
It is time we get brutally honest with ourselves.
The harvest is ripe.
In fact, it is quickly dieing in the fields.
The time is now for the talk about the harvest to stop, and the labor to be done!

Can you see the harvest?

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