27 September, 2005

Some interesting facts about this blog

I discovered these facts through the counter on this site and I thought maybe some of the rest of you might like to know these as well. Since starting this blog almost a month ago, we have had seen a significant increase in traffic, to where there are over 40 significant viewer per day. That means at least 40 different computers have accessed the site each day. If you hit it 5 times, it only counts once. The really interesting part to me is where the viewers are coming from. As of this afternoon, there have been people from 18 states in the USA, and there are people reading in Canada, Ireland, Spain and Germany. You may not think any thing of this, but I think it is so cool to see how the Internet allows you to speak to people in so many places from a place like Galesburg, Illinois. It really is a small world, isn't it!


Sarah said...

I use Stat Counter and it is pretty interesting to see the unique page views and such. Also, search engine spiders will count as viewers. Those are nice to have visit because that is what gets you listed in their search queries. Since Blogger is Google ran I know their bots will visit if you allowed that option. I'm glad to hear the rules on your page views because there have been times I forced myself not to check for an update because I didn't want to skew your stats. But now I'm going to check this thing every 15 minutes now! And you probably think I'm joking. (Hello, my name is Sarah and I am neurotic.)

Travis Johnson said...

That's cool stuff, Darrell. If you go into Blogger Help. there is a great page on how you can increase traffic. One of those tips are link exchanges (i.e. you put your link pointing to my blog and I do the same...hint, hint)

There is also a list of every kind of blog directory out there that you can register with like topsites.com

Anyway, its almost 10 and you should be resting right now. Once you are up and running, give me a shout...hope you get feeling better soon.

Travis Johnson