30 September, 2005

The Desires of our Heart

One of these days I will learn how to add links to this site and share the blogs of some of my friends and fellow pastors. But as for now, I am not the most computer literate people. Any way, a pastor from Hawaii whom I have never met personally, but have grown to respect by means of internet communication over the past several years has a blog, and I wanted to share with you his post he made today. Rather than copy and paste it here, I will provide a link for you. Check out his post for today about the Desires of my Heart. Gary pastors a really awesome church in Hawaii. If you have time, check out his church website as well.

Hmmm... the links are not showing up for some reason, so, let me try it another way. You will have to copy and paste them into your browser address bar.




fidget said...

Where is the link? Did I miss it somewhere?

fidget said...

I have been wondering. Why does this site require that I type in the funny looking letters when I make a post?

Darrell said...

I have this site set to where you have to type those letters in to prevent spamming. Some sites get hit with a lot of automated spam posts trying to lure you to their blogs.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is a necessity.

Sarah said...

I'll send to you an email explaining how to add links on the side and show as links in your context.


Travis Johnson said...

You may be having difficulty with links because you are posting from the "Blog This" link at the top of your blog.

Instead, go into your dashboard by clicking on "blogger" at the top left.

-click on the "+" sign under new post.

-in the "compose" box, type in your text that you want to have a hyperlink.

-click the chain link icon and type in the URL.

Also, to add a link list on your blog, check this out:

How to Edit My Link List

Travis Johnson said...

Hey...very cool, D. I have arrived. Thanks for the link.

Henry Haney said...

Hi Pastor G- I have linked to you as well- if you would like to link to me I'm at pastorhenry.blogspot.com

Be Blessed!