26 September, 2005

The Dance Between Wisdom and Faith

I was just sending an email to a fellow pastor concerning my health, and while writing to him these thoughts came up and I thought they would be a good topic for The Dawg Howse, and I hope some of you will respond with your thoughts.

Last Friday evening I began having severe chest pains again and I had my wife take me to the ER again. They gave me a nitro and then put a nitro patch on me which relieved the pain considerably, still it was there. I did not know it then, but the cardiologist was already making plans to take me in for a heart cath that night. But then suddenly, my pain went completely away. When the doctor heard this, he decided against the emergency heart cath. Then they did another blood work to check for the enzymes that would indicate heart attack or at least heart stress. The test came back clean. Although they had just admitted me, the doctor told me I could go home if I wanted but he would like to schedule the heart cath for later in the week to make sure I have no blockages, especially since I have family history of heart problems in one of my brothers at an early age. I agreed to this completely and we will be scheduling this today.

Now here's the issue I want to discuss. I really believe that while I was in that ER Friday night, there were some people praying, and I believe the Lord touched me. So then, is it a lack of faith to go through with the heart cath... or is this wisdom? How do you balance the two? Personally I think it is wisdom, still, I have to admit that I have danced round and round in my mind about this over the weekend. I am convinced that God touched me that night. The sudden change was remarkable. I am believing that it was the hand of God. Now the questions come; Was I completely healed? Did the Lord stop a heart attack from happening, but there still is a blockage? And a whole host of other questions. The devil comes accusing me saying I have no faith and that if God really had healed me I would not have these questions. In myself, I am sure God touched me, but I want to take every precaution to make sure that everything is ok in me. Is that a lack of faith? Is this just a tap dance to excuse a lack of faith? I am curious what others might have to say.


Sarah said...

[DISCLAIMER] I do not have nor claim to have an authoritative voice or position on this subject. I also understand there are far more that are better equipped and knowledgeable on these issues.

Nevertheless, here are my two cents. I believe that God gave us a mind to decipher, discern, and analyze our surroundings, circumstances and conditions. I believe that he expects us to utilize this gift. I believe that God does heal us. Does that mean that gives us a clean slate to ignore the complications of neglecting a potential hazard not only to our health but the effects passed onto our family? I believe not. I would say it would be irresponsible on our parts not to have things looked over. This does not doubt the touch given at said time rather it could serve as a confirmation. When a word of tongues is spoken don’t we look for the translation confirmation? I see no difference here.

Side note: Since when has the devil ever had our best interests in mind? I would also say that since he has crept in trying to get you to not go to the appointment that perhaps that is the very reason why you SHOULD go to the appointment. Anyway, as stated before, just my two cents.

fidget said...

Sarah, your "two cents" makes perfect sense to me (pun intended).
I believe you wrote with much wisdom, besides how many times has God used tests of modern science to prove His awesome power?!

The pastor has written that at the 1st visit his enzymes were elevated. At the second visit he failed the stress test. Upon the 3rd visit the hospital went so far as to admit him. Apparently the medical community is concerned. If the next test comes back clean then it will be a sign to the unbeliever of God's wonderful healing power and His greatness.

Praise God for His awesomeness!
The verse in the Bible I seem to quote on a regular basis is, "Lord I believe, help my unbelief!"

Henry Haney said...

I don't think there is any lack of faith displayed by having the tests done. I praise God that He has answered the prayer(s) of the saints and that this test will only serve to confirm as a witness to His healing power.

I know there are some who would disagree with me but I don't believe that a person would "lose" their healing by simply having a test that their physician requested they take. (not saying that you are suggesting that Brother Garrett but I know there is a school of thought out there that teaches that healings "come and go" like the weather )

This is only my opinion (I needed to put the disclaimer here) but I think you will actually feel better after your test(s). There is something said for the peace of mind coming from a good report. I can only speak from experience, but sometimes the devil will torment you with the "what if's" if you don't have a test like this....especially when there's a family history.

Whatever you decide, you are in my prayers!

Libby Garrett said...

I appreciate your words of encouragement. Sometimes God allows us to go through things like this not only to learn to depend on Him but also to learn to depend on one another in Him. It has been comforting to find out how many friends we have out there.
Thanks everyone.