02 October, 2017

I'm Deeply Concerned

I find it truly sad that we have a generation of "preachers" coming up that find pleasure in criticizing other ministers. They mock the fact that men and women pastor in small churches in small towns. They don't understand that not everyone desires to be in a megachurch, nor do they understand that the vast majority of those attending church today attend a church of under 100 people. They criticize and mock pastors for not having a cross-cultural ministry and even call them "racists" without even considering all the facts. For example, I pastor in a town where the demographics are 97.62% white, so if I happen to have a few people of non-white ethnicity, it is an amazing statistic. They criticize their sermons and accuse them of trying to imitate someone else. They criticize the music because it's too "old fashioned" or the musicians are not good enough. They criticize the methods of other pastors and mock them. They call them derogatory names, criticize their buildings, and so many other things. And many of those doing the criticizing have yet to ever pastor their first church. The Bible is clear that we reap what we sow and these young preachers are sowing for a harvest that they do not desire. God, awaken this generation before it is too late. 

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