01 September, 2017

Rewind and Reset

I had one of "those" dreams last night. It was really weird, yet I knew it was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. In my dream, I was sitting in my office at the church and on my computer screen, I saw things rewinding... you know, how on a DVD you can run it backwards a bit and you are watching everything happen in reverse. It was so strange, because at various points of the rewinding, there were events that jumped out at me and stuck with me, even after I awakened from the dream. I won't go into all of that, but will focus back to where the dream took me. In the dream, I saw myself sitting in my home office eleven years ago. I knew when I saw myself exactly what it was, because on that day, I received a vision from the Lord, and as I saw it, I got out of my chair and laid face-down in the floor weeping for hours. It was the day the Lord gave me what I have termed, "the river vision." In my dream I heard clearly these words, "I have rewound the days and resetting the vision. Walk in this."  And I woke up at that point. I jumped up out of bed, literally and looked at the clock. The time was 4:22 AM. I did not know why, but that time stuck in my mind. 

I tried to sleep after this, but could not rest and finally got up, got myself a cup of coffee and checked my email. In my email was a link to an article in Charisma Magazine. The title of the article just jumped out at me as is read:  Prophetic Word: God Is Resurrecting Your Former Dreams and Visions (You can read that here, if you like) 
When I had read this article, I began thinking about the dream and I went to my blog and searched for the day I had written about the River Vision. I found it and as I re-read it, things I'd seen during the rewind began to come to mind and things were beginning to make perfect sense, in light of what I'd written in April of 2006. I thought of the time and looked at the date of the article thinking there had to be a correlation to the time I had awakened. Nope. I wrote the blog entry on April 24, so that did not make any sense.  Then it hit me. At the beginning of that article I mentioned that in my last blog entry prior to this one, that I'd mentioned a vision the Lord gave me. So I went back and looked for it... You guessed it, the date I had received the vision was April 22 (4-22). That was cool, but I knew there had to be more. I began to pray about it and was drawn to Mark 4:22 which says: "For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open." When I read those words, I knew that I was supposed to share this. 

Some will laugh it off. Others will doubt. But I know this was from God to myself and to this church. "He who has ears, let him hear."

* I've had a couple of requests to link to the original blog containing the vision I was referring to. Click here and it will take you to it. 

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