12 June, 2017

I Live to Please the Lord

I really wonder just how many people who believers in Christ actually believe what they say they believe. I watch people and listen to them and when at church they sing and shout and dance and they talk about loving God... but then outside the church, their language is profane, they choose to live in ways that not only do not bring glory to the Lord, but often times would bring a disgrace to the name of Jesus. In church they talk about how they want Jesus to return soon, but away from the church... they live for selfish pleasures and desires. They seldom, if ever tell people about Christ and what he has done for them and invite others to know Jesus. They say they "live" for Jesus, but the facts that are witnessed in their living is that they seem to "visit" Jesus from time to time when they have problems and occasionally come to church.  I see a real problem here. When I married my wife, my life changed. I committed my life to her. I started coming home to her every night and when I made plans, my plans revolved around my wife and me as one.  Something tells me that no matter how much I SAID I loved Libby, if I only came home to her once or twice a month or if I lived only to please myself and not her and only talked to her when I had a need... I just somehow think I would not be married all that long. How much more so should our lives in Christ be entwined with him? As for me... I live for Jesus. I would die for Jesus. My time, energy and money, for the most part, are resourced for the furthering of the Kingdom of God. I don't spend money buying myself new toys all the time because I'm bored with the old so I have to have something new and exciting to keep me "happy". Long story short; I've found my life, my meaning, and purpose and my joy in serving the Lord. I GLADLY proclaim myself to be a servant to the Lord. Just yesterday I read where someone said that we (those in Christ) are not servants of God but children of God who choose to serve. While there is some truth in that, what that person is missing is that I CHOOSE to be a servant of the most high God. Paul, on more than one occasion, identified himself as a bondservant of Christ. You can do what you want, but I'm going to align myself with the pattern established in the Word of God, and I am a bondservant... a servant by choice... of the Lord.

Times have changed... and the church has changed. But God has not. God did not offer to make himself a genie in a lamp for you and me to rub and make a wish. He is Master. He is Lord. We are his servants. That's in the Word and it still stands. I live to please him... not the other way around.

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