21 March, 2017

Would You Invest In This?

Imagine if you will, a man that a man is given the opportunity to step in and manage an established, thriving restaurant. For awhile, things go well, but then the man becomes frustrated and asks to be transferred to another restaurant within that franchise and go to another one that he thinks will make him happy. After just a few months, he becomes frustrated at that one as well and just abruptly quits without notice. Now, this guy is a likable fellow and after a few months he goes back to the director of the franchise and asks to be given another chance and he is placed in another location. After just a few months there, he approaches the director and explains that he thinks he should have never left the first location and asks for the opportunity to go back there. The director gives him that opportunity as well, and things go well there for a period of time, but then, after convincing them to expand and purchasing property to do so, he becomes frustrated again and wants to move. He is again afforded this opportunity and he is moved to another thriving restaurant in a new location. Shortly after arriving there, he convinces them they need to modernize and relocate the restaurant property. In the process, many customers leave and the manager himself becomes frustrated and quits and for a time does another job. After a short period of time, the man again approaches the director of the chain and asks to go to another location and manage yet another restaurant for him. Because he is a very likable guy, he is once again afforded the opportunity. For a period, things are going well, but then he becomes restless and frustrated and his frustration takes its toll on that restaurant and  it loses most of their customers and then he quits yet again and moves back to where his journey began and decides he is going to open a new restaurant, but this time he is going to break away from the chain that has given him opportunity after opportunity and he is going to start an identical restaurant in that community. He begins to contact customers that he has served in previous years and locations and he asks for their financial support in starting this new restaurant...

Now I ask you... would you invest in this new restaurant?
What if this were not a chain of restaurants, but this story was about churches and the man a pastor? Would you invest in this? Personally, I want to sow my seed into good ground where there is a proven track record of good fruit.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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