06 March, 2017

What Are You Planting For?

This morning I was reading on Facebook and I read a post by someone referencing their "planting" seed for something they are desiring and it really got me to thinking. In my mind, I saw a kitchen window with a small tray of herbs growing... which definitely serves a purpose, but it caused me to question if our goal is to sow seed to meet our own personal need, or if our goal is to sow seed to meet our need as well as that of others around us and produce seed for the next season as well. Farming would hardly be worthwhile if your "harvest" was only enough to provide for one meal. Quite the contrary, the goal is to supply for all of that families needs for the foreseeable future. So why is it that in the spiritual sense, we so often "sow seed" for something immediate... something we are staring down next week and not looking beyond our own front yard and into our community around us. I think it is about time that we begin to pray, as Jabez did, "enlarge my territory."  That we begin thinking beyond ourselves and our family and begin to ask for something larger and more impactful.

Just thinking out loud this morning.

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