15 March, 2017

Possible Shaking to Begin Soon Within the Church?

I had a couple of similar and very disturbing dreams last night. It was really strange in that I was awakened from the first dream and when I opened my eyes I saw the time was 3:33 and when I woke from the second it was 5:55. I am not sure of the significance of those times, but I know in my spirit there is something to them. In both of my dreams, I saw a violent shaking of the earth. The really strange part was that the only things I saw shaken were churches, especially some very well known, large ministries. I saw one of those churches shaken to the point that the building being split wide open, almost as if an ax had been swung down upon it and tore the place asunder and the view I had was looking down from above like a video was being shot from a helicopter.  Another ministry center was shaken to the point that there was nothing but rubble and dust. A third was shaken and about half the building crumbled and I saw thousands of people running from this building while others remained in their seats as if nothing were happening around them.

I've been troubled all morning. I believe God is getting ready to do some house cleaning within His church. I am not sure if the dreams were literally in reference to these three churches, or if this was symbolic of God dealing with error and false doctrine within the church as a whole. I would say to the churches in general, it's time to examine ourselves and to make sure we are adhering to sound doctrine because I believe the Holy Ghost is about to shake things up.

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Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

Jim Martin