22 February, 2017

Receiving By Faith

I've been talking with someone for awhile who has been going through a fairly rough time and they are a bit beaten down and lacking faith right now. I can understand that as I've been there plenty of times myself. This morning as we were talking I was feeding her scripture after scripture, trying to fuel her faith but it was almost like she was rejecting each passage I gave her with her questions about "how", "can this happen for me", "why is this happening" and on and on. Finally, I asked her why she was having such a difficult time accepting the biblical promises for her and her response hit me like a ton of bricks because, in her words, I think I actually heard the words of many other people that I had just never put into that context. She said to me, "I hear the promises and I want to believe... but it just does not make sense to me." Bells and whistles went off inside my head as this just resonated within me... people trying to walk by what the can see, feel, touch... control. Faith does not really work that way. If you can wrap your brain around it and figure it out in the natural, then there is no need for faith. Faith is the key to our spiritual life and walking in the spirit rather than the natural. God's promises are not spoken "to make sense" but they are spoken to produce and release faith in us. The miraculous will not be released until we stop "figuring it all out" and walk in the realm of "I'm putting my faith in and trusting you, Lord."

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