23 December, 2016

Letting Your Light Shine

Most everyone who knows me knows that the past year of my life has pretty much been defined by getting our church building restored after a storm in November of 2015 did massive damage to it. Thankfully, we are currently in the process of moving back into the building after being displaced for 13 months. Anyway, this past year, I have practically "lived" in Menards buying materials as we have worked on the building. I've gotten to "know" many of the employees on a casual level. So, last night I was out doing a little Christmas shopping, and one of the cashiers from Menards saw me and shouted out a greeting to me. We ended up standing in that store for more than a half hour talking. It started out as simple Christmas greetings and then took a turn as she began asking me questions. She commented about how a couple of weeks ago she witnessed another customer "lose it" and screamed obscenities at me for several minutes and she said that she was amazed that I took the abuse with a smile on my face and kept trying to defuse her anger. She asked if she could ask me a question, to which I said that it would be fine. She told me that some of the other employees had told her that I was a pastor and she wanted to know of that was true. When I told her that I was, she smiled and said, "I knew there was something different about you, but did not know what it was until now." From that, the conversation took on a much deeper tone as we discussed some issues in her life. After awhile I told her that I was going to have to go because my wife was waiting on me in another part of the mall. The last thing she said to me is something that has run over in my mind since then. She said, "You don't seem like a pastor because you are so approachable and down to earth." She spoke about seeing me come into the store in dirty clothing showing that I was working alongside the others and how I laughed and cut up with others. She said, "In my mind, that is how I see Jesus; hanging with the common folk."

I agree with her. Jesus did not walk around in $2,000 suits like he was above everyone else. In fact, when Judas brought the soldiers to the garden so they could arrest Jesus, he had to kiss him on the cheek to identify him to the soldiers. Jesus maintained his purity while walking amongst the common folk. So I encourage other Christians today, let your light shine without trying to elevate yourself above them.

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Anonymous said...

The only time we see Jesus wearing an expensive set of clothes was during the mockery, scourging, and faux trial prior to the crucifixion.