15 November, 2016

What Is Worship? (part 1)

I've been so busy that I've not had time to write much over the last year, but tonight I am compelled to write, to get some thoughts out of my head and off of my heart and out there for the world to see and hear. I'm greatly troubled as a Christian, but even more so as a pastor to see what has become common in the church. It seems very few people really grasp the real idea of what it means to serve God. To serve Him is not merely to call yourself a Christian, nor is it to go through religious motions that we call "worship".  To serve God actually means to worship Him. To worship literally means that your life (not words) speaks, "God, you are worth my devotion and praise."  We've settled into this thing where we thing because we pray, or sing or lift our hands... but that BARELY scratches the surface of worship. Worship is when your life is totally devoted to God, and it shows by where you go, what you do, what you say and where your money goes. Your attention is dedicated to that which you worship. If you spend more on dinner than what you give to God financially in a week, your actions point to where your "worship" belongs... and it is NOT God. People who say they worship God but do not contribute to the church and ministry... well, let's just say it by using and old cliche... "actions speak louder than words." You can SAY you love God and His church... but when you don't tithe and give offerings to the church... your actions tell the real story. You worship self. You worship what you can control. You can say what you want... but your actions tell the true story. Personally... I look forward to giving to God's church because that is my pipeline into the work and ministry of Christ in my community and beyond.  I had someone tell me just this week, "Oh, I give, but I like to give directly", meaning that they want to decide where that money goes and they want the credit or recognition for what they are doing, rather than allowing that recognition to be given to the Bride of Jesus Christ... His church. Call it what you want, it is anything but worship when you are seeking the glory that belongs to Christ and His church. You are using God and His church to boost your fragile ego. The one you worship is the one you see in the mirror. 

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