11 July, 2016

Strange But Sad Day

At times it is difficult to determine when we need to help someone and when to not. I've always tended to error on the side of helping someone who was possibly trying to take advantage of the church because I'd rather be taken advantage of than to leave someone hanging who really needs help. You have to use wisdom, spiritual discernment and experience when it comes to these sort of things. Still, we can make mistakes. Today I had one that was much easier to decide, but it has bothered me. Let me briefly explain.

For those who may not know, along with being a pastor, I also own and operate a small photography business. Well, today I received a call from a woman who asked me if I could do a video for her. I don't do videos, and I told her so, but she began to plead. She sounded a bit "out there" but I took a few minutes to talk with her and she told me that she had called several places and no one would help her. She told me she did not have much money and need this video to make a "Go Fund Me" account to plead for assistance. At this point I was considering going over to help her make the video until she said, "I don't have much time left." I asked her what she meant by that and she explained that "they" were trying to kill her. She said they had been putting chemicals in her house and she was soon going to die if she did not move. I did not say anything for a few seconds as I was trying to process just how to deal with her. She then said that she'd been to the police many times and they would not do anything to the people trying to kill her. I knew better, but I had to ask her if she knew who it was trying to kill her. She was a bit miffed that I'd ask, and told me that it was the people who wanted her dead. (Well, duh. How could I not understand that?) Anyway, she began crying and told me she had to get this video made so that she could raise the money to move. It finally got through to me that she wanted to make a video to put on Youtube and Go Fund Me telling the world that "they" were trying to kill her and that she needed money to disappear.  Decicion made. lol   But still, I felt sorry for her. The story is laughable, but the truth is, this is HER reality. Somehow in her delusion she is convinced that someone is trying to poison her and that they will succeed soon if she does not raise this money. That's just heart breaking. But for the grace of God go I.

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