19 June, 2016

Saving Their Lives

This week while in Florida I have observed something that is pretty cool. This is the season where the sea turtles come out of the sea and bury their eggs in the sand. It takes almost 2 months for these eggs to hatch and with all the people on the beach, these eggs would be at great risk. In order to protect them, laws have been created which make it criminal to disturb the eggs. They have passed laws and/or ordinances which makes prohibit fires on the beach during this season and require all lights along the beachfront to be turned off at night and for curtains to be drawn so that the light from homes and hotels do not shine on the beach. The lights confuse the turtles and scares them and can lead to their death. There are crews that go out every morning and mark and tape off places where new eggs have been laid. The use a tape similar to a crime scene. They also measure how far the eggs are from the nearest dune and they record this information so that the eggs could be found if someone removed the tape. There is also a satellite reading of each location which is monitored. At each site, it is recorded on a posted sign the date the eggs were laid so that they can estimate the hatching time.  Every morning, 7 days a week, these crews are up and down the beach protecting the eggs and looking for new ones that were laid the night before. It's quite a process and it's cool to see the length and expense they go to in order to protect the eggs of these giant sea turtles. But a thought hit me this morning as I watched the crew in action marking the newest nesting area and taking their readings. My thought was... "What if we as a society valued human life as important as the life of these sea turtles? What if we went to such lengths and expense to assure that human babies were protected and preserved?
Just thinking out loud. 

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