18 March, 2016


Yesterday I was coming home from the store and was in a bit of a hurry because we had company coming for dinner. I was at a red light with one car, actually a van, in front of me. The light turned green and this guy in front of me did not move. I waited a little bit, but when he did not move I honked my horn. Still, he sat there. I honked again... and again and this guy never moves. As I looked into the van I could not see the driver at all. The light turned red again, and I began thinking, "Has the driver died or something?"  So I put my van in park and walked up to the van and looking in I saw this tiny old man was sitting there with his head dropped to his chest. I really did not know if he was dead or what, so I knocked on the window and he did not move.  I knocked again a little harder. The guy jumped, looked at me all confused and angry and then started screaming profanities at me and demanding to know what the "blankity-blank" I wanted. I told him he'd been asleep and sat through the light. He again threw out a string of curse words and asked why I was in the road knocking on his window. I told him again that he'd sat through the light. He looked at the light and turned back to me and screamed that the blankity-blank light was red. I told him that he had already sat through one green light. About that time the light changed again and he drove off, still screaming at me.   
People never cease to amaze me.

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