18 February, 2016

The Awesome Power of God

One of my absolute favorite things in life is simply sitting by the ocean and observing. The sights and sounds of the ocean amaze me and I can sit and watch and listen for hours. Looking out over the expanse of water is absolutely awe inspiring and beautiful. As I look at the ocean, it is almost hypnotic watching the rhythm of the waves, but as I look at them, I cannot help but think of the amazing creative power of our God.  But I am also mindful of the power of the ocean and use caution. I've been knocked down by it's waves. I've gotten caught in the tide and carried further out than I wanted to go and found myself getting into dangerous situations as I was almost too far out to get back under my own power.  The ocean is definitely dangerous and only a fool would ignore those dangers of the sea, yet only a fool would not be attracted by it pure beauty. The ocean is to be feared and respected, but it is also something to be experienced. Despite the fact that the sheer size and power of the ocean, we are somehow drawn to it. Perhaps it is that power that somehow entices us to draw near and experience it, to be immersed in it and allow it to carry us in it's waves. The ocean can absolutely be enjoyed standing on the shore and watching, but to truly experience the joy of the ocean, one must wade into the surf and experience the power of it on your body.  And it's the same thing with God. We can stand back and observe in awe and wonder and see and hear the force of His power, yet there is something inate inside of us that long to know Him, to experience Him first hand. We are compelled and drawn to Him, because we were created to have fellowship with God. We may not undertand why we are drawn to Him, but all mankind has that longing to know that invisible force we know as God.  Those that are wise pursue God, just like someone who dives into the ocean. The foolish ignore Him or reject Him... because of fear. They will not acknowledge that fear, but it is there just the same. It's like standing at the ocean watching those who will observe but are afraid to get in the water because they don't know what is there, they can't predict or control what is going to happen if they get in, so they stay safely on the shore and say that those in the ocean are the crazy ones.  But they are the ones missing out because they will never experience the joy of the ocean. Again, it's the same with God. Those filled with fear will mock and ridicule those who "dove in" but they are the ones missing out on the unbelievable joy and freedom that we experience when we allow ourselves to be carried away in the beautiful power of God.

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