28 February, 2016

I am NOT "Anti-Trump"

I have tried over and over again to state my position when it comes to the GOP primaries but people are still attacking me saying I am "anti-Trump" or part of the #NeverTrump movement. That is simply not the case. What I am is someone who sees that there are better options than Trump... FAR BETTER.  I would see Cruz or Rubio either one as a much better President. For that matter, I think Carson would be better as well. My preference from the issues would slightly lead to Cruz, but I believe Rubio is far more electable and would be a much more effective POTUS, simply because Cruz takes such a hard line stand that he would have half of Congress alienated and refusing to work with him. Let me be clear... I agree with him in principle, but not in practicality. A good POTUS must be able to compromise on practical matters in order to carry out his principles. Trump does not have that ability AT ALL. He is brash, rude and obnoxious. His use of insults and condescending tones is NOT the the character traits I want to see from the leader of the free world. Also, while Trump has SAID what he wants to do, I've not heard him once say HOW he intends to do it. I also don't trust him. I posted a video of him on Facebook where in his own words you can hear him state emphatically, "I'm much more of a Democrat than I am a Republican."  In that same video he says he is pro-choice. He states he is FOR universal, one-payer healthcare (Obamacare). He says he wants to raise taxes. He says (I quote) "I hate the concept of guns, I'm not in favor of them." Then he says, "I really believe the Republicans are just too crazy right..."  In another place he says that Hillary Clinton is the best person to lead and make deals with other countries. He says of Nancy Pelosi, "I'm very impressed with her. I like her a lot." He went on to praise Obama and the stimulus bill that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. He said that Obama was exactly what we need leading in this Nation and again sang the praises of Hillary Clinton. He goes on and on and on... and NOW he says the exact opposite on every issue. How can we trust him? I'm just asking.
Make no bones about it, IF he is the nominee, I will hold my nose and pull the lever to vote for Donald Trump because at his absolute worst, Trump would be better than either of the socialists (Clinton or Sanders). But I reiterate that right now we are in the primaries and this is where we sort out who our candidate is and I believe Marco Rubio is the man who would make the best President. 

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