20 January, 2016

Wait... What About the National Debt?

Has anyone else noticed that no one is talking about the National Debt anymore? Six or seven years ago that's all we were hearing about... suddenly it is not mentioned anymore. Remember when George W. Bush was in office and was slammed terribly because $4.9 Trillion was added to the National Debt while he was in office? When he left office in 2009 the ND was $10.6 Trillion. So, how's Obama doing with the National Debt? As of this morning it is $18.9 Trillion and Federal spending is up 119%! And don't forget, he still has a full year to go! He could conceivably DOUBLE the National Debt during his time in office! 

No wonder no one is talking about the National Debt anymore! The media does not want Americans focused on this going into an election year!

So... just how bad is this debt? Is it possible for America to come back from this staggering debt load?  Well consider this information. I heard these numbers while ago and thought them to be flawed so I checked them out for myself, and assuming that I am doing my math correctly, then these numbers are in fact accurate. 

It was said that if you opened a business the year that Jesus Christ was born and that business was still in operation today, and that business made one million dollars every single day from that day through today, you still would not have made one Trillion dollars. 
Let's round off numbers for simplicity sake and make it an even 2000 years.
At 365 days per year, that is $365,000,000 each year.
Multiply that times 2000 years and you would have made $730,000,000,000 during that time.
If you are like me and slightly math challenged, that is $730 Billion dollars.
Let that sink in.
A million dollars per day for 2000 years to make $730 Billion.
That's still $270 BILLION dollar shy of one Trillion.

And our national debt is now fast approaching $19 TRILLION.

God help us! Come Lord Jesus!

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