31 August, 2015

God's Way or Our Way?

The longer I serve as a pastor, or for that matter, as a child of God, the more I get absolutely dumb founded by the way some Christian people operate in their life. No, I'm not perfect... not even close. But there are some things that just leave me scratching my head in disbelief. Within the past few days I had one of those moments that I'm still asking myself if I really witnessed what I think I did. I cannot go into specifics without revealing who is involved, so I won't go there, but here is the gist of what happened. I was involved in a discussion with a group of Christian people trying to come to a consensus or decision which was very important. There was good discussion, which is always a good thing when you are trying to come to a group consensus. All were in harmony and agreement and spoke of what they felt God's will was, but one person kept coming back to one issue which they admitted was a personal desire that they would like to see, and because of that one point, the group process was overridden and the fact that they felt this was "God's will" was shoved aside to deal with the personal desires of one person. Although every person involved was in agreement that they saw this as "God's will", they chose to explore another path because one person wanted something else to happen. I'm still sitting here, days later, wondering how can you say that something is God's will, but I want "x,y,z" to happen, so since it is not, let's look for another way to make this happen? Pretty crazy. Sadly, I've seen this happen more times than I could count in my years of ministry. When people put self and selfish desires in front of God's plan or purpose, there is usually a big mess and heartbreak coming down the pike, and when it happens they will look to blame everyone but themselves. Truly sad.  

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