09 July, 2015

The Church Has Failed the World Miserably

Yes, you read that title right. The church has failed the world. Jesus said we (the church) were to be salt and light in this world. Both salt and light change things drastically when they are used. No matter how dark it may be, when one small light is introduced, darkness is dispelled. When salt is used, it flavors, preserves, disinfects and it stings. Neither light nor salt can be hidden. And this is what Jesus was referring to. We are to make a difference. But the church has ceased making a difference. The church, rather than leading and shaping to face of the world has followed after and patterned itself after the world. Sin is no longer called sin. Holiness is not even given thought, let alone taught or lived by the majority of churches. The pulpits are filled with motivational speakers that seek to appease people and tell them how wonderful they are and that it does not matter if they sin or not, just believe you are ok and you are. The result is that you cannot tell the church from the world any more. Adultery is rampant in our churches. Drunkeness is widely accepted and practiced by church members. There is no such thing as righteous living any more. People seem to have forgotten that the reason the world began calling followers of Jesus "Christians" was that the people lived so much like Jesus that the world mocked them for imitating him and called them "Christians" as a derogatory, insulting name. I think we'd be hard pressed to say that the majority of church attenders lives that closely resemble that of Christ. Maybe this really is the "post-Christian Era" after all. 

The church has failed. We sit and shake our heads and bemoan the sin of the world, but it is our fault. It's not the worlds fault. They are in darkness and the light that was supposed to show the way has been hidden and in many cases extinguished. The salt has lost it's savor. We're not changing anything... except the church.  I was no surprised at all by the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. We've lost our voice or silenced ourselves and let the world run full tilt the opposite way for decades now and it may very well be too late to turn this Nation around unless there is a traumatic event that happens that causes men and women to fall on their faces and cry out to God. That is exactly what I see happening. I believe that before this current President leaves office America is going to fall under the judgment of God and there will be events that happen in this Nation that will bring America to her collective knees. I'll write more about it later, but I God has told me that judgment is coming and it is going to come in three phases that will literally reshape our boundaries and strip America of her power. Look for that one in another entry sometime this next week. For now... the church in America needs to begin to pray and repent of her sins... not America's sin, the churches sin. For the church has failed to fulfill it's role in this land.

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