05 June, 2015

I'm Sick of the Spineless Church

The "Church" today is a mere shadow of what the Biblical Church was. People today want to "fit in" when Jesus said we'd be hated for his names sake. We want to pass the buck by ignoring sin and saying, "judge not, lest ye be judged' when in reality most are clueless as to what that verse actually means. Isn't it odd that Paul writes to the church in Corinth and in 1 Cor. chapter 5 he hands out orders with no room for question to judge the immoral brother and turn him out of the church. 
I'm just about sure that God is sitting up in heaven wondering about all these spineless, mealy mouthed "Christians" who refuse to take a stand for righteousness and actually try to blame his word for their carnal hearts. 

Make no mistake, we are to judge, but we are to judge by a standard of righteousness and never with a vindictive spirit. America needs the church to stand up once again and proclaim, "be holy because He is holy!"

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