14 June, 2015

Divine Discontent

This is a "re-post" of something I wrote several years ago. I felt like it needed to be shared again. I feel this stirring more today than ever before since I've been here in Galesburg. I look back over the years since I first wrote this and I am saddened by those who fell by the wayside in the wilderness. But I press on.

I have had a stirring, a restlessness in me for the longest time. I know of no other way to say it but to call what I am feeling "divine discontentment." It's hard to put it into words and it sometimes just frustrates me to no end because I can't express this feeling well.
I sense God calling me to deeper place; not only me, but my church. It's a place we must go to, because I hear the voice of God calling, but the thing is... I don't know exactly where we are heading! I just know God is saying, "Come on! Follow me!"

It's hard saying this with several of my folks reading this blog, but I think they will know what I mean when I say it. The frustrating thing, or maybe I should say, the thing that wearies me, is that while there are a few who are packed and ready to go after God, there are many others who are not. I feel somewhat like a father trying to get the kids together to get in the car for a trip, but they are off doing other things and I have to keep going after them. You finally get one rounded up and ready to go, only to find that the other that was in the car waiting has wandered off somewhere. And all the while I hear the voice of God calling... "follow me." 

While I don't know exactly where God is taking us, I have an idea, and I have seen glimpses, and I'm like, "If you people could just see what God is wanting to do, and where he is wanting to take us, you'd get on board and follow!"

Like I said, there are those who I believe sense it. They are ready to go, and they are pursuing God themselves, but the corporate journey is staggeringly slow. I often find myself wondering if this was how Moses felt as they wandered the wilderness all those years. I just know that somewhere in the back of his mind he was thinking, “If you all had gotten it together and followed, we would have been in the Promised Land a LONG time ago! But still, day after day, week after week, year after year, he led them, knowing that while they should have already been there, the Promise was still out there.
Don’t you know that Moses wanted to just pack up in the middle of the night and cut across the desert and go on into the Promised Land? But he could not do that… he was called to lead the others there.

Sometimes, I think “Lord, if they don’t want to come along… let me go!” But it does not work that way. Sometimes I think pastors and leaders get tired of the struggle or journey and they settle where they are… but this is where the “divine discontentment” comes into play. The Holy Spirit is stirring something in me, and I know there is greatness ahead if we will not settle. 
I refuse to stay where we are, because I know God has something amazing ahead that he is calling us to. 
I’m going on. 

The one thing that really troubles me is that I remember that many people died and were left behind in the wilderness, having never made it to the promise. I realize that this is going to happen in my church as well. It already has... for many people refused to follow after the promise, because they liked it just fine the way they currently were. Anytime we get at ease, or comfortable, we are at risk of settling short of the promise. 

Not me... I am going on.

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