01 June, 2015

Be Still and KNOW

I love the passage found in Psalm 146:10 which reads, "Be still and Know that I am God;  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the Earth.”
I probably don't have to tell any of you that we live in a culture that wants everything right now... or yesterday. We've probably all impatiently stood in front of the microwave thinking it is taking too long to cook something that used to take far longer in our youth... but we've become impatient. We are an instant gratification society.   Sometimes the Christian life can be so difficult for us because sometimes God tells us that we have to wait... and we are not good at waiting.   That is what this verse is telling us... that sometimes we just need to be still, know that He is God and in the knowing, TRUST that His ways are best and in the end He will come out on top.  It's easy to say that... but it is in the waiting that we struggle. When we wait on God and what he has for us, sometimes this waiting takes about 2 seconds. Sometimes it takes two years. But however long it is that we wait, we must learn to STAND STILL... and wait as long as it takes for Gods will to be accomplished in us and through us.  

When was the last time you stopped and waited for anything?  When was the last time that when something got hard or did not happen right away you stuck with it instead of trying to work it out on your own or throwing in the towel and going on to the next thing?  When was the last time you just sat and waited on God to do what only He can do?  These are important questions that need to be answered if you are going to unleash the power of God that lives inside of you.  

Now please understand that our waiting does not necessarily mean us sitting down and doing nothing. (although sitting still would not hurt some of us)   Our waiting is more in line with not rushing on ahead, but staying in the vein that God has you in currently, until new marching orders come. Jesus said to "occupy" until he comes. That means we are to do the work that we know to do. Sitting still can be figurative... meaning that we are not to be looking for a new path, a new ministry or activity or a way to finish things off until God says so. In the mean time... Just keep doing what he has told you do do! If the orders have not changed, then don't stop!
This "sitting still" is a time in which we are reminded of who is in charge.  Our sitting or waiting is also about us seeking God passionately and asking Him to give us clear marching orders.  

So many Christians are looking for a new word, a new vision every time they turn around, and the problem is that they never finish anything because they get bored and abandon their post. God says, "Be still! Stand still! Stay where you are and carry on until I give you a new assignment."  Something I've learned... God never changes the assignment until you've finished the last one. But we see people running from church to church... ministry to ministry, always running, never stilling themselves before the Lord long enough to finish anything. As a result, they are moody, often frustrated and lashing out at other believers because they cannot see that the problem is within themselves. They simply need to be still... stand still and let the Holy Spirit perfect in them what he is trying to make of them. They keep starting the process over... and they will spiritualize it and say God said... but if they are leaving a trail of unfinished dreams, ministries and works... then we can tell by their fruit that this is NOT the work of the Holy Spirit.

I have something I'd like to suggest that you try this week. Turn everything off... no music, no TV, no books, nothing... just sit still for at least 15 minutes.  In this time ask God for wisdom and clarity about what He would have you to do and then take time to listen to what He wants to tell you.  Do this every day for one week and watch and see the difference that it makes in your spiritual life. It may take 2 weeks... or a month. But stay in that mode and continually seek God until He gives you a clear vision for what He would have you to do to reach those around you.  He may give you a specific task for the day or a big vision for your life. 

Whatever it is, be thankful for your answer, write it down, and live out the mission that God gives you.

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