09 May, 2015

God Still Amazes Me

You would think that after all these years of serving the Lord, that little things would not amaze me the way that they do, but I never quite get used to the way that God acts. Some people would say it is not God, or that things are coincidental or who knows what they might say, but it get amazed how that when God speaks something to me, He can simultaneously be speaking the same thing to my wife (or someone else).  I've had countless times when the Holy Spirit has given me a message to preach, that someone will tell me that their pastor, 5 states away, preached on the same topic. I really think some people think we coordinate this... but it's not us... it's the Holy Ghost. I mean, if God has a message for His church, who do we think we are to think that message is only for one local sector of the Body of Christ? I mean seriously... don't you think He wants His church moving with the same rhythm?

Today was another of those examples.  Libby and I stopped in for lunch at a local restaurant and coming in just ahead of us was a frail, elderly woman, all by herself. From where I was sitting I could see her, and my attention kept being drawn toward her. There was nothing all that particular about her, just a small, elderly woman having her lunch. But as we got up to leave, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to buy her lunch. As we walked up to the register to pay, I whispered to my wife that we needed to buy that woman's lunch, and her eyes sparkled and she smiled, and I just knew that she had felt the same thing.  I told the manager to just tell her that we wished her a happy Mother's Day. My point is NOT about what we did... that's small potatoes. It's what the Holy Spirit did. I love how he can speak to us both at the exact same moment and clearly speak the same thing into our spirit. 

He never stops amazing me. 

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