23 March, 2015

Week One: Unbelievable Results

A week ago today I started on a journey to lose not only the weight I packed on this winter, but some other weight that needs to go as well. I have had success using a low carb lifestyle (you can't do this just as a diet or it will come right back) some years ago. My doctor had suggested it to both my wife and I. I had lost weight and brought my blood pressure down, by cholesterol down and the good cholesterol up, so I decided to go that route again. The trick will be not to completely abandon it like I did about 18 months ago. I did not follow the induction phase of the diet as strict as I should, but I could tell it was working. How well it was working absolutely stunned me. One week ago today I started  weighing in at 218.5 pounds. This morning, I weighed in at 207.  I am absolutely blown away with the results... and I am really encouraged. I had set a goal to lose 15 pounds by July. I'm now thinking I can lose 20 by July. I am already feeling so much better that I don't even know how to describe it.  I'm not expecting those kind of results again, but I'm hoping to drop another 2 pounds by this time next week. 

I have to share this picture because it is amazing. In the picture below, that yellow mass is what 5 pounds of human fat looks like. Double that and that is how much is now off of my body! No wonder I feel better!

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