27 February, 2015

Fear Not

Fear is a funny thing because it can be a good thing or it can be bad. On the one hand fear causes people to be cautious and serves to keep them away from harm. On the other hand fear can be absolutely devastating. When someone wants to attempt a new venture, fear can paralyze them and destroy their dream. It can cause believers to hesitate to stand up and voice their beliefs. There are many things that have been left undone or untried because people did not believe in their God-given abilities. Fear causes people to forget that God has promised to walk beside them through all circumstances. In the Old Testament, God freed the children of Israel from the bondage of slavery to the Egyptians and gave them the promise of being a free, strong and proud people who depended on Him. In like manner, He freed man from the chains of sin with Jesus death and resurrection. He has given us a reason to stand tall, fearless, and walk forward, not in selfish pride, but knowing God can and will defend and provide for us. .

I keep seeing people who profess to be Christians post things on social media sites about their fear and nervousness as they see end time prophecies being fulfilled on the world’s stage. I would say to them and to anyone else, that if you have truly surrendered your life to Christ (which is much more involved than just saying you accept Christ) then you have no need to fear. You and I can have confidence that we are secure in His hands eternally. The devil tries to bring fear upon you and cause you to doubt that you will make Heaven. The key is remembering that if any of us had to “make it into Heaven” on our own merit or works, then no human being would ever make it in. We must KNOW that the righteousness of Christ has been added to our account and we are justified in the sight of God. Thank you Jesus!

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