26 January, 2015

Take It For What It's Worth

I've not been feeling well since last Wednesday and today I hit a wall. Just run down and achy. The only reason I mention this is because earlier today I was so wiped out I decided to lay down and take a nap, which I don't do very often. In my sleep, I had a dream that was so real that honestly I was not sure at first if I had dreamed it or if it had happened. It took me a couple of minutes to awaken well enough to realize that it was all a dream. Anyway... this is what I saw.

In the dream, I saw the economy in America picking up. Unemployment numbers were better and prices were coming down, especially gas prices. It's hard to describe this, but I knew that there was time lapsing in the dream and I believe this all took place over about a two years span as I kept seeing news casts on television talking about the elections approaching. At the beginning, there was snow on the ground and I believe this was current. Then I saw grass and flowers sprouting. We were at summer time, and I saw a news show talking about the upcoming Independence Day holiday, so I know we were in June. In that same news show, I saw them projecting that the Federal Reserve would raise the interest rates soon. Again, I was seeing the passage of time by the seasons. Suddenly it was winter again and I saw another news cast and this time they did in fact raise the interest rate.   

At first, things seemed to go along just great, but then I saw like a whirlwind sweep across a map of the United States and bright colors turned black and gray. I saw a news anchor on TV again, reporting with the White House in the background, and the White House was dirty looking and crumbling. The reporter was speaking about Dow plummeting again and that there was fear of a crash of Wall Street. In this news cast, the reporter was wearing an overcoat in one scene and then not wearing it in the next and I somehow I knew this was over a period of about 4 months.  It gets even more weird at this point. Behind the reporter on the White House lawn I saw one of those "spinning plate" vaudeville acts and there were plates on poles all over the White House lawn, and the plates began dropping as the guy ran frantically trying to catch them, but to no avail. I heard a voice say, "It's just about over now." I woke up at that point. 

Some will call me crazy, but that's all right, I've been called that before. But the fact is, I believe this was a warning from God. I believe that we, as a Nation, are teetering on the edge of an all out economic collapse that could happen within the next 2 years. The warning was to not allow ourselves to be deceived by what appears to be good times. Many will go out and put themselves into debt and it will be a major mistake, because I believe that if something does not drastically change, by the end of this President's second term, we are going to see a major collapse that will shake this Nation to it's foundation.  

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