12 January, 2015

Known By The Company You Keep

Tonight I made some tough decisions and deleted several people from my Facebook account. Some of these I have been friends with for years and I probably made some folks made, but after a lot of thought and prayer, I did what I felt I had to do. All of those that I deleted were posting things on their Facebook page and thereby showing up on mine that were very crude and sexually explicit. First of all, I don't want to see that stuff, but it is also the fact that others see this stuff and have questioned why I have allowed it. Even if no one else said a word, it bothers me. No one needs to be posting that sort of thing on FB, but especially those who make posts about praising God and then post this sort of stuff. The Bible says that a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways. It also tells us that we cannot love God and love the things of this world. I'm not perfect and don't pretend that I am, but that does not mean that I should turn a blind eye when I see people mocking God or posting un-godly links and pictures. 

If you are one I deleted, I'm really sorry, but I choose not to see such stuff or have my name drug through the mud because of things appearing on my FB.

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