16 November, 2014

Those God "Set Ups"

I had to run to make bank deposits about 9:00 tonight, and with this weather, I really did not want to get out. It's so cold that the window would not roll down on my van, which did not make me a happy camper because I had to get out in the cold to make the deposits. I made the first one at Tompkins and then drove to Wells Fargo on Henderson and let's just say, I was not happy when I got out, walked up to the night deposit and saw the sign telling me the night deposit was out of order and that I could go downtown to make a deposit. There really was not much of a choice, so I drove downtown... grumbling all the way. When I arrived I got out and made my deposit, and as I turned around and there was this young man walking through downtown wearing only a hoodie for a coat. I offered him a ride and at first he was not going to take it, but I convinced him that he really needed to get out of the cold. It was 12 degrees and the windchill is below zero. As we drove he thanked me and told me he was trying to find a friend who had promised to let him stay at his house but had locked him out. He had a number for the guy so I let him use my phone and he got hold of him but he was going to be at least another hour before he got home to let him in. I told him I could not stay with him that long, but offered to take him to McDonald's to get a cup of coffee and he could wait for his friend to get home. His expression said it all, so I told him that I'd buy. When we got there, I bought him something to eat, after arguing with him about whether or not he was hungry. After we got his food, I told him that I really had to run, but asked if I could pray for him before I left. He looked a little bewildered and said, "I guess so." I just prayed a simple prayer over him and asked God to watch out for him, protect him and to reveal Himself to him in a real way. When I had prayed he looked at me with tears welling up in his eyes and said, "Mister, you must be an angel or something." I told him that I was no angel, but that God had sent me by with a simple message, to tell him that God loved him. He said to me, "For the first time in a long time, I believe that."

As I got back in my van to drive home, I thought back to church this morning when I prayed over my church that God would give us all what I call "God set ups", where he puts us in the right place at the right time to meet someone where we can speak words of life to them. I'm convinced this was one of them. Normally my wife has the deposits ready in the afternoon on Sunday, but today was different. I started to make them a little earlier tonight, but decided to get something else done first. I did not have a clue, but the delays were God setting me up for an appointment. The broken bank deposit? God seeing to it that I'd be downtown, at just the right moment to see that young man walking down Cherry Street. God loves that young man enough to orchestrate my entire day for that one moment that I might have an encounter, feed him and tell him that God loves him. 
Yeah... God cares that much for us all. I challenge each of us who call themselves followers of Christ to open our eyes and look for those "God set ups" that he is continually orchestrating in our lives.

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