28 November, 2014

My Personal Theme for 2015

I've picked a theme and theme song for myself for 2015 is "The Year of Rediscover" and I'm using this song by Downhere entitled, "Let Me Rediscover You."  I've been serving the Lord now for going on 34 years, and what I've begun to realize over the last few months is that in many ways and many areas of my walk with Christ, I've become guilty of "going through the motions." Things I've done so long that without realizing it, they have become habits, (which is a good thing) but they've also become so commonplace that they've lost their meaning. In some cases, I have come to realize that I've lost my spiritual edge and passion. I want that back. For me, not my church, but me... on a personal level, I want to rediscover Christ. I want to rediscover the love, passion and zeal that I had as a young person who had just found Christ and was so madly in love with Christ that nothing else mattered. I'm going to put away my favorite Bibles with all my notes and markings and I'm going to rediscover the Word from a fresh perspective. I'm going to go back to the way it used to be, before I knew anything about God at all and I'd get so excited when I'd read something in the Word of God and the words jumped off the page at me and I was so excited that I could not contain it. I want to rediscover that passion for telling others about him and what he had done for me. 

Recently I was thinking back to those early days in 1981 and 1982 when people thought I'd lost my mind because I was so consumed with my love for Christ. I want that back. So, I'm launching myself on a year of "rediscovery." I invite others to join me on my quest.

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