13 October, 2014

Will America Turn Back Toward God?

Last night during our prayer meeting at church I received a vision from the Lord. At the close of the meeting, I was not sure if I should share it or not, and chose to remain silent for the time being. But as today has worn on, I've felt like this needs to be shared, and I hope that others will pass it on. In all my years of ministry I have never asked anyone to spread or pass on a vision that I've had. But this one is different. This one needs to be shared.

To start with, I was sitting in the floor near the front of the church praying last night when suddenly I felt a wind blow by me. It was very cool. I actually thought that one of the women of the church who worships with flags was near me  and I was feeling the wind from the flags. But I realized that there was no sound, which there usually is if she is waving the flags. I opened my eyes and there was no one within 15 feet of me, yet I still felt the wind. At the close of the prayer time I did share about this wind blowing, but I did not share that it was a cool wind. A minute later a woman who was seated several rows behind me spoke in Spanish and told her daughter that she too felt the wind blow through and that it was a cold wind. The daughter told me what she said and asked me if the wind was cold. I only share this to testify that the power of God was so real and moving throughout the building last night. 

Anyway, after I felt this wind, I felt like I was caught up in the spirit and I began to see this vision. It was as if I was seeing this on a TV or movie screen.  It was like I was looking down from way up high and I could see the entire North American continent, but my focus was on the United States. As I looked, I saw what appeared to be a sheer black cloth begin to move up from Mexico across Texas from about the middle of the state to the Gulf coast and sweeping in a North to North Eastern direction. I could see through this "cloth." It appeared to be like a sheer black drape. As this cloth moved up out of Texas, it covered most of Oklahoma and half of Kansas and then began to move eastward across Missouri.  At about this time I saw another black cloth coming out of Chicago and it spread out pretty much in a circular pattern going across Illinois into the eastern half of Iowa, up into Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, into Ohio and western Kentucky. Then I saw another cloth come up from San Diego, California and sweep over most of the state of California.  At about the same time I saw a much thicker black cloth rise out of New York City and spread to cover the entire North-Eastern United States.  At this point I began to see that these were not clothes that I was seeing, but they were billions of insects swarming. I could see through them in most places but over New York they were so heavy that all I saw was black. I saw them cover the Statue of Liberty and the statue began to fall apart and crash to the ground and into the water.  About two-thirds of the United States was now covered by this swarm of insects. 

As I said, the swarm appeared to be a sheer cloth, and I could see all over the United States little flames. The flames were all a bright gold and red and they were dotted all over the land from coast to coast.  As the darkness spread, there was a wind that began to blow. This was really weird because the wind seemed to originate in the midwest and blew in every direction across the United States. As the wind blew, the flames grew brighter and then I could see little flames being carried by the wind and deposited all across the entire United States, into Canada and the Northern part of Mexico. Each time the wind blew, the flames would grow brighter and larger until there was fires all over the USA and as the flames grew the darkness began to dissipate  and it grew fainter and fainter until it was gone.  The scene was not pretty. I'm not going to even go into all that I saw. 

After I saw this, ran and grabbed a pen and paper and began to write it all down so I would not forget. As I was writing, I felt in my spirit that God was saying that this was going to come to America if the Nation did not repent. I cannot say that God "told" me this part, but in myself, I felt like this was the Ebola virus sweeping across the Nation, and that it would stem from Texas, California, Chicago and New York and spread across a good portion of the United States and into Canada. The flames were God's people in prayer and the wind was obviously the wind of the Holy Spirit. It would seem that there is going to be an awakening that sparks from the midwestern part of the United States and spreads across the USA. It seemed like there were waves of revival. The best I could describe what I saw was like a rock hitting the water and ripples spreading out from the center. And it would hit, and as it spread, another wave would begin, and then another and another and another. There was much destruction and death, but there was also a powerful move of God and I saw dead bodies standing and coming to life. I don't know if that was literal or spiritual, but I believe God is trying to call this Nation to repentance. I believe that the destruction is coming, but I believe the level of that destruction is dependent upon the people and if they will heed the warning and turn back to God. 

I don't believe this is a long way off. I think we are on the verge of this and we will see two things. God is giving a warning and if the people of the Nation hear and turn back to God, then this could be either averted or at least minimized. I believe we are going to see within the next few weeks powerful moves of God across the mid-west. What happens from there depends on what people do with that move of God. Either judgement will be stayed, or the darkness will spread across the land. I pray America heeds the call of the Lord.

"If my people, who are called by my Name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

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Anonymous said...

Last week, the Lord gave me a charge to do a network. I have a prayer network now, but it will become larger. The colors of the covenant were red and gold and black. The next day, I was on the bus and found myself preaching to the passengers about America, and about turning back to God. There were also some forewarnings for all of us, if we don't pray and actually make some changes in the way we live. Begin to see from God's perspective