21 October, 2014

"Spidey Senses"

One of my friends (who is also a pastor) and I frequently talk about, what we call, our "spiritual Spidey senses." If you ever watched the old Spiderman cartoons you may remember when his spidey senses went off, he was sensing that something was not right, or that something was about to happen. Jim and I have spoken many times about how in our spirit we were sensing that things were not right or that something was about to change or happen. Well, for more tha a month now, I've had that sense. It has been much more specific this time as I have said over and over the date(s) October 25/26 were jumping out at me. I felt like the Holy Spirit was saying to keep a watchful eye out toward those dates. I don't really have a clear direction as to what it is (although I have my own idea) so I am not going to share that. I'm simply writing to those who will give ear, keep your spiritual eyes and ears open this week.

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